ABLOY demonstrates access control products at security show

Abloy UK unveiled its latest line-up of access control systems at The Security Event 2024.

Abloy had two operational doors on its stand at the exhibition. One door featured the Escape Door System (EDS), designed specifically to ensure people can escape safely through electrically controlled escape doors while maintaining secure locking in the event of an emergency.

The EDS is comprised of three components to meet BS EN 13637 – blocking, control and trigger – tested and certified together as a package to ensure compliance and safety.

The second operational door demonstrated solutions designed for multi residential applications. Products featured included eCLIQ, PULSE and CUMULUS, with compliant electric locking on both doors.


eCLIQ is ASSA ABLOY’s completely electronic cylinder platform, providing the benefits of access control combined with all the advantages of a physical key system.

The retro-fit solution can help control the movement of people and allow access to be easily granted, changed and removed while providing a wide range of data for health and safety purposes.

PULSE is an intelligent, energy harvesting, future-proof solution that can beinstalled as a new system or retro-fitted in existing sites. Suitable for all kinds of environments – from schools to assisted living blocks and multi-resident apartments – this wireless access system combines the flexibility of electronic locking with the familiarity of mechanical security, and requires no batteries or external power supply. 

Pulse, designed for multi residential settings

CUMULUS enables mobile access for a wide variety of security products, allowing organisations to upgrade their doors to operate without physical keys. The Bluetooth-connected Cumulus enables most electric locks and other electronic door locking devices to open with a digital key on a mobile app, instead of a physical credential such as a key, card or fob. 

Pip Courcoux, head of transformation said: “We were very excited to showcase our digital security solutions and demonstrate the real-world applications of our products. 

“For example, our research has uncovered how access control in the multi-residential market is shifting, and we are now seeing digitalisation gathering pace.

“Improving security while enhancing user experience is a key goal for us, and by exhibiting the EDS, eCLIQ, PULSE and CUMULUS, we were able to demonstrate the positive impact and user benefits that these digital solutions provide.”

The Security Event was held at the Birmingham NEC over 30th April – 2nd May 2024.

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