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Abloy UK heats up security at stove showroom

Abloy UK has supplied a stove showroom with access control solutions.

Inverness based Bonk & Co supplies and fits wood burning stoves, multi fuel stoves and range cookers across the Scottish Highlands. Its showroom in Inverness is home to the company’s exclusive collection of premium branded stoves, range cookers and outdoor heating and cooking products. Abloy’s CLIQ Local Manager access control solution was specified and installed by MacGregor Industrial Supplies to secure its custom-built showroom.

With over 25 feature fireplaces on live display, the value of the goods housed within the premises meant Bonk & Co required an access control solution that would not only provide high security to protect against theft, but also offer to keep track of staff access.

Bonk & Co discussed options with MacGregor Industrial Supplies, who recommended Abloy’s eCLIQ enabled hardware on access points, controlled by CLIQ Local Manager solution. 

The specification included padlocks to secure external gates, cylinders for key switches which control roller shutter doors, and cylinders for mechanical lockcases.

CLIQ Local Manager is a locally installed software that is used for the day-to-day management of CLIQ master key systems, ideal for small to medium sized businesses. 

CLIQ Local Manager allows system managers to perform a variety of tasks based on the specific needs of their environment, including managing access rights of user keys locally via desktop programming devices and wall programming devices too. 

The software can be installed on a standard Windows PC and the interface offers the ability to add or amend users and change the access rights of CLIQ keys with the companion programming device. System managers can limit access according to 32 programmable time slots, with key audit trails available.

Ideally suited to small or medium-sized businesses, CLIQ Local Manager works with electromechanical PROTEC2 CLIQ systems as well as eCLIQ, the fully electronic key access system based on the same technology. 

Reagan Brice, office manager at Bonk & Co explained: “Due to the high value of the products that we supply, we needed a high quality, high security solution to ensure our assets were kept safe. We also required a solution that didn’t need too much infrastructure.

“CLIQ Local Manager really appealed to us as it allowed us to combine a variety of different locking solutions into one overall system. We are now able to programme time schedules for different members of staff, and block lost or stolen keys should we need to.

“We also liked the ability to have audit trails, and being able to determine the movement of staff by viewing the user-friendly software has increased security significantly. The fact we could install the system with minimal disruption was another benefit, and there was no need to run cables or introduce power supply units. 

“MacGregor Industrial Supplies did an outstanding job in specifying and installing the system, and we appreciated the level of support we were afforded by Abloy as global company.”

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