ABUS UK sends help to Ukraine

In light of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, the ABUS UK family has joined forces with colleagues in Eastern Europe to collect and deliver urgent essential items including food, blankets, clothes, and toiletries to centres for refugees in Poland and the Ukrainian borders as people fleeing the war are escaping into the EU. 

ABUS UK employees, their families and friends, and business partners, customers and members of the wider local community have collected an amazing amount of critical supplies  which have been sorted, packed, and driven all the way across Europe by ABUS UK’s Vince and Roy. They were met in Poland by ABUS Polska’s MD Józef Grabowski and colleagues from ABUS Polska are now distributing the donations to the people who most need them in various locations in Poland where Ukrainian families are being supported, and to entry points on the Poland/Ukraine border. The ABUS team has even been providing hot drinks to Ukrainians at the Polish border to welcome them to safety. 

“It has been so heart-warming to see how the ABUS UK family and their friends and partners have rallied round to support our Help for Ukraine and to know that those supplies are now reaching the people who need it," said ABUS UK MD Peter Romanov. “A special thank you must go out to our colleagues Vince and Roy who drove through the night on a long journey through Germany and into Poland to meet with our friends in ABUS Polska and deliver the essentials we had collected.”

ABUS UK is part of a worldwide group of companies that supplies and distributes a huge range of both electronic and mechanical security products and systems for home, mobile security, and commercial security.

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