Allegion launches new set of Briton Fire Door Safety Guides

Allegion has launched a new set of best practice guides for its ‘Briton’ door controls and exit hardware. The guides are designed to provide a broader understanding of fire door safety in commercial, education and healthcare environments.

In support of fire safety practice, the three ‘Fire Door Safety in Review’ guides have been compiled using original research from commercial, education and healthcare sectors, drawing upon key insights from building managers and door hardware specialists. Allegion (Briton’s par’s research has uncovered several findings and emphasises a fundamental misunderstanding of fire safety responsibility and the importance of fire door hardware across all three fields.

Available upon request, the guides are intended to provide essential and accessible information on hardware specification, installation and maintenance, helping responsible persons to improve fire safety standards in their buildings.

Disconnect between standards and reality

Pete Hancox, country manager at Allegion UK, commented: “Specification, installation and maintenance are vital components of fire door safety, and we believe it important to raise awareness and improve knowledge on these crucial subjects. The ‘Briton’ door hardware experts at Allegion UK have extensive experience in fire door safety within commercial, education and healthcare environments, and we understand that there is a clear disconnect between legislative fire safety standards and the reality on the ground in these building environments.

“Our research has revealed fire safety is often compromised in these settings. In healthcare, three in four are unsure whether their building’s fire door hardware is installed correctly and operates as it should. Similarly, in education, over 50% of our respondents were not aware of fire door maintenance procedures in their building. And in commercial buildings, almost 40% are not up to date with the latest in fire safety regulations.

“Presently, there’s a real emphasis to raise fire door safety awareness and it’s an opportune time to support a crucial message. We hope our newly launched guides act as an invaluable resource for those tasked with improving and maintaining fire safety standards in these core sectors.”

To download a free copy of the Briton ‘Fire Door Safety in Review’ guides, visit:

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