Architectural ironmongers cite manufacturer delivery and communication as a challenge

Delivery is a bigger issue than prices

Almost 20% of architectural ironmongers cite delivery timescales as being the biggest challenge when they deal with ironmongery manufacturers, according to a new survey.

The research conducted by Instinct Hardware also found that 18% of architectural ironmongers felt delivery was an area that could be improved, with communication following closely at 17%. Lower prices came in third at 14%. Over 120 respondents took part in the survey, looking into the current and future wants and needs of architectural ironmongers across the UK. 

This finding comes at a time that delivery timescales are being ever-extended due to industrial action in the UK and abroad, as well as recent issues with shipped deliveries and reduced capacity on items being delivered due to continued lockdown measures in overseas countries. Fluctuating markets have meant that some items have been harder to source, meaning some delivery timescales have increased considerably. 

Haq Meharban, director at Instinct says: “These results are largely in-line with the whole industry. Imported goods especially are generally on longer delivery timescales at the moment. Luckily for us, we have a good stock of steel, being supplied through a UK business – and our manufacturing is done end-to-end here in Birmingham, so we aren’t always subject to the same delays as items coming from abroad. We have an in-house delivery team, so again this helps from our side.

“Being a bespoke ironmongery manufacturer, we have a part to play in helping the end customers understand why certain items take longer to produce – to try and relieve some of the pressure being placed on architectural ironmongers.”

Instinct Hardware manufactures bespoke architectural ironmongery from marine-grade 316 stainless steel. See its products page for more details.

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