Borg locks launches new heavy duty range

Borg Locks has issued a new heavy duty lock range, the BL7000 ECP.  The series is suited to retrofit or heavy duty upgrade solutions as it shares the same fixing points as the Simplex Unican 1000 & 5000 as well as the BL5000 series. The range also features a free turning lever/knob handle and an 8mm spindle bar, which only engages if the correct code is entered.

The BL7700/7800 ECP models have a built-in key override in the lever/knob handle; rotation of the key engages the lever/knob handle, and is for use with potentially heavily sprung third-party locks. The keypad lever/knob rotates freely and only engages with the clutch and 8mm spindle drive once the correct code of key is entered. All BL7000 ECP are supplied as standard with the optional free passage function and are actuated from the keypad side, this allows users to pass through the door without the need to enter the code each time making it ideal where access control is not always paramount. 
   All BL7000 models are available in the stainless-steel finish for internal or sheltered external environments. Another option is the upgraded black Marine Grade Pro 2 surface coating, which has been extensively salt spray tested in excess of 1,000 hours.

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