BSI enters new CEN membership category

The BSI is transferring to a new category of membership with the CEN and
CENELEC the business catalysts in Europe, removing trade barriers for European industry and consumers. 

The BSI will undergo an assessment against the new category of membership this autumn. This will build on the regular membership assessment process that has been running within CEN and CENELEC for several years. The BSI will then transfer to the new category of full membership from 1 January 2022. The changes come after the CEN and CENELEC reviewed the impact of the the UK exit from the EU. 

The General Assemblies agreed to create three categories of full membership
in each of the two associations: one for states that are members of the European Economic Area; one for states that are members of EFTA, but not EEA, or are accession countries; and one for states, such as the UK, that have an agreement with the EU and can demonstrate either convergent or compatible market
regulation in relevant areas.

This decision safeguards the principle of international standards providing market access across the UK and 33 European countries; reinforces the role of the European regional standardisation system as part of the international standards system; and strengthens the international cooperation underpinning the goals of the CEN and CENELEC Strategy 2030.

The new membership categories provides confidence for UK stakeholders participating in the shaping of European standards. It also provides stability for business and industry to trade in a settled system compatible with the UK’s global trading ambitions and a strong foundation for the projection of UK policy and business interests globally.

The BSI will continue to adopt and update European standards (ENs) into the UK national collection. 

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