Consultation sought on LEXiCon project

Views are being sought on a critical project being developed by the Construction Innovation Hub (the Hub) and the Construction Products Association (CPA). The LEXiCON project aims to standardise construction product data sharing on projects, allowing construction professionals to better use product information to optimise designs and improve digital records.

In a new report published in July, the Hub and the CPA outline the benefits LEXiCON can deliver to:

  • Construction Industry Stakeholders, to build consensus about the process of product data management and help establish relevant authorities to facilitate this process;
  • Relevant Authorities, by using LEXiCON to create, maintain and publish Product Data Templates (PDTs);
  • Manufacturers, by using LEXiCON to retrieve PDTs to create, maintain and publish Product Data Sheets (PDSs); and
  • Wider construction industry, including designers, constructors, commissioning engineers, architects, and contractors, through using LEXiCON for a standardised industry approach towards formation and management of product data to request the creation of PDTs for key products and through the use of PDSs.

The consultation on the proposed LEXiCON methods for ‘Relevant Authorities’ and building consensus, will be open from Wednesday 07 July 2021 to Wednesday 18 August 2021, can be found here:‎

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