Fit for purpose: workspace gym offers wellbeing for office staff

When G Johns was asked to supply a locker lock solution for a new gym and changing facilities as part of a client’s office refurbishment, the company called on Codelocks for help.

Sópers House office refurbishment included a gym

Architectural ironmonger G Johns was working with Sópers House, to renovate its offices and create a more productive, modern and convenient coworking space for employees, visitors and members. The renovation project involved adding a gym to encourage a healthier working environment and with it changing rooms with lockers. 

“In any office-based job, day-to-day work can involve a lot of sitting down and screentime so it’s valuable to offer our coworkers a space where they can exercise and boost their physical and mental well-being,” the client said. 

To prioritise ease of use and avoid workers having to carry a padlock or key, Sópers House didn’t want the coin- or key- and padlock-operated lockers that are typically found in gym changing rooms. 

Discussing its options with G Johns, Sópers House outlined that its ideal solution would: 

  • be keyless
  • be easy to operate and manage
  • offer a key override function in case a worker left
    their belongings behind
  • match the aesthetic of the office upgrade 

Simplicity from installation to use

Jeremy Baltrop, director at G Johns, was confident that Codelocks would be able to provide the access control solution to meet Sópers House’s needs. “Codelocks was my first choice for a couple of reasons," he says. "We’ve collaborated with Codelocks on a number of projects over the last 20 years so there’s already a strong and trusted professional relationship there. Plus, I recently attended one of Codelocks’ Continuing Professional Development events on locker locks which was incredibly engaging and informative."When Sópers House brought up the need for a locker access control solution, I was already armed with information on the benefits and features of Codelocks’ various KitLock locks. I knew the KL1000 G3 was right option to suggest.” 

The KL1000 G3 is a popular lock in the KitLock by Codelocks range. It is a neat digital lock with key override and front battery capabilities, making it easy to use and operate. 

Retrofitting the KL1000 G3 onto Sópers House’s existing lockers was a simple process. It took minutes to remove the existing cam lock and make an additional top fitting. The lock comes in black chrome which provided a match for the modern aesthetic that Sópers House wanted for its office and gym upgrade. 

The locks needed to match the aesthetics of the space
Keyless is a game- changer

“Not having to use keys to access the lockers is a gamechanger," said Baltrop. "The KL1000 G3 is largely effortless for the facilities manager to oversee, so
they can spend their time on higher priority tasks. The new locks have helped make the gym experience as streamlined as possible as workers and members can simply access the lockers using a code.” 

Not having to use keys to access the lockers is a gamechanger. The KL1000 G3 is largely effortless for the facilities manager to oversee.

Jeremy Baltrop

Baltrop added that Codelocks quality was another key criteria. “One of the big things that draws us back to using Codelocks is the quality of the products. With our clients increasingly concerned about the environmental implications and life span of the products they buy; we feel confident recommending Codelocks because we know its products will last."

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