GEZE launches new profile system

GEZE has introduced a new product designed to help the drive towards net zero and reducing carbon footprint – the ECdrive T2 automatic sliding doors with a thermally broken profile system –the GCprofile Therm. 

The GCprofile Therm accommodates up to 32mm glass thickness in either two-pane insulation glass with 2x ESG 6mm, UG value 1.0, or three-pane insulation glass with 3x ESG 4 mm, UG value 0.8.

The profile system uses slim aluminium frames which reduce visible sightlines by approx. 30 mm – giving designers greater ability to produce a clean design aesthetic while providing greater efficiency.

With increased performance for leaf weight of up to 140 kg, the GCprofile Therm also boasts improved air tightness (compared to other ISO profile systems), better sound insulation and improved wet weather durability aided by its fit and an optional floor guide with drainage. 

It can be combined with manual and motorised GEZE hook bolt locks, without losing thermal separation and the appearance of the system remains discreet, even with locking.

A new brochure has been produced to explain the package. Email: [email protected].

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