HOPPE Quick-FitPlus: now available for standard roses and escutcheons

The HOPPE Quick-FitPlus connection technology is now also available for handle sets with standard roses and escutcheons. This offers a key installation advantage: both handles and escutcheons can be fitted quickly and without screws.

Non-screw fitting

The Quick-FitPlus connection for interior door handle sets with standard roses and escutcheons is available for the Hamburg, Luxembourg and Verona series. Thanks to the patented connection, the roses and escutcheons can be fitted quickly and without screws. The roses and escutcheons provided with supporting lugs and the handles are simply connected to each other on the prepared door. To ensure the handle maintains its fit on the door for many years to come, the handle roses are equipped with a spring cassette.

Reliable technology

The through-going supporting lugs of the handle roses and escutcheons each consist of a pin and a sleeve made of glass fibre reinforced plastic. Pushing them into each other results in a stable fixing free from play.

This solution can be used for standard doors with standard locks. No special door preparation is necessary. Just two guide holes (Ø = 7 mm) are required for the through-going supporting lugs of the roses and escutcheons.

The technology has been tested in accordance with DIN EN 1906 and can be used in commercial buildings. Naturally, HOPPE guarantees the mechanical function of its Quick-FitPlus handle sets for 10 years.

Simple disassembly

A disassembly aid is provided for detaching the roses and escutcheons again. This is inserted into the handle or escutcheon and turned by 45 degrees. Pull firmly to release the connection and separate the two roses and escutcheons respectively from each other.

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