International hardware fair promises networking and new products

The Eisenwarenmesse International Hardware Fair will once again present new products from the hardware industry and sector trends after a four and half year absence. Around 1,400 exhibitors from 50 countries will showcase their new launches in Cologne from 25 to 28 September. German and European suppliers are strongly represented and there are also a fair number of exhibitors from outside Europe. The spectrum of product ranges is vast and includes door hardware, fittings, locks and window products.

The event comes at a time of immense challenges: securing supplies of energy and raw materials has assumed a new dimension of complexity. The coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine have either completely severed or temporarily interrupted many supply chains. Full warehouses and order books have to contend with a shortage of components and waning consumption. The search for skilled workers is desperate. “Where else could you find a better place than the Fair to meet new and existing partners and discuss solutions with peers from across the world? You can’t do that by video call – the best way is still by having a conversation face to face,” said Matthias Becker, director of the Eisenwarenmesse. 

Alongside face-to-face conversations, the Fair will focus on the feel and functionality of products.

An overview of all the events is available online at

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