Joint products test for fire doorset aims to simplify specification

ARRONE and Falcon Timber have announced a successful joint fire test that has made it easier for installers to source a full package of compliant hardware for commercial fire doors.

Architectural ironmongery manufacturer ARRONE and Falcon Timber, formerly known as Falcon Panel Products, have tested a range of door hardware with Falcon’s Strebord 44 FD30 to provide installers with a complete set of fire door products that can be purchased off the shelf. 

The combination of the products can offer a complete solution for fire door requirements in commercial buildings by providing products to suit a range of common door applications.  The combination of products will provide solutions for doors needed to be non-locking, latch/locking, deadlocking, as well as any riser/storage rooms or bathroom doors.

The mix of products tested include AR8182 ball bearing hinges, AR1500 size 2-4 door closer, intumescent and fire door signage, with choice of lever handle and pull handles escutcheons, locks and latches depending on where the door will be fitted. Thumb turns and push plates are also covered on the evidence.

Test aims to make specification simpler

Ged Ryan, CEO of HOPPE (UK), said: “Choosing products for fire doors can be complex. Installers often have to navigate several test sheets, symbols and quality marks to know which hardware is suitable for use on fire doors, and even this is dependent on the type of building the fire door is fitted in.

“When it comes to fire doors, there is no room for error: they are a life-saving feature. We’ve worked with Falcon Timber to help make the specification of fire doors and associated hardware as simple as possible. We can provide further support to installers and help them to give their customers confidence in the performance of their new fire doors.”

The products have been included on a EN 1634-1:2014+A1:2018 fire test specifically for use as a door assembly system with Strebord 44 fire doors.

For more information on the products used on the test, please contact HOPPE UK [email protected]

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