Mechatronic cylinders and door furniture added to GAI standards library

Two new Guide to Standards documents have been published by the GAI, expanding the series to a total of 23 guides.

The guides provide signposting and background on relevant products, information and detail on the specific standards, and whether these standards are harmonised or designated standards. An initial Introduction to Standards guide also provides a detailed overview of current standards. The two new guides address Mechatronic Cylinders (EN 15684) and Mechatronic Door Furniture (BS EN 16867), and the rest of the series has been revised and updated for 2022. 

GAI technical manager Douglas Masterson said: “The series represents an extensive library of critical technical information. The aim is to ensure GAI members don’t have to purchase the individual standards directly, and also to provide guidance to help them identify the key areas of most relevance to them.” 

View and download the GAI Guide to Standards series at

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