Meet a member: Stephen Badgery and Dan Johnson from Zoo Hardware

L-r: Stephen Badgery and Dan Johnson

Tell us about Zoo Hardware

SB: Founded in 2010, Zoo Hardware has grown to be a leading design and manufacturing business in the UK architectural ironmongery sector. Now Part of TYMAN Plc, the business continues to grow with over 3,500 products for residential, commercial and public building sectors.

DJ: Our cylinder department is a widely recognised centre of excellence that produces bespoke key systems for commercial, industrial and domestic settings.

How did you get into this business?

SB: I have over 25 years experience in architectural ironmongery, starting in field sales while living in South Africa. Since returning to the UK in 2002, my roles have included area sales manager, specification/technical sales and UK sales manager. I joined Zoo Hardware in February 2021 to further develop and manage the
South East and East Anglia areas.  

DJ: I joined Zoo Hardware as a cylinder operative in April 2012 straight from college. I helped to grow the business and made workshop manager in 2014 while developing
our customer service model. I am now the business development and customer service manager.

I am currently working towards GAI certification and Master Locksmiths Membership.

What do you love about this industry and what are the frustrations/challenges. What would you change if you could? 

SB: Architectural Ironmongery is an ever-evolving industry with new and innovative solutions arriving on the market all the time. I love learning about these new products and sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm in business to business roles. It is very rewarding to demonstrate these product benefits and implementing them to solve real world building access challenges. 

This industry is highly relationship based, where the expression ‘people buy from people’ is proven everyday. 

If I could change one thing, it would be removing the words ‘equal or approved’ from all future architectural ironmongery specifications. 

DJ: I have spent all my working life in this industry, I enjoy the uniqueness of my job role and love that fact that every day is different.

My biggest frustration is the industry’s sluggishness in responding to new technology and change. Given the opportunity I would to expand the amount of knowledge around locks and locking systems throughout the industry.

How do you spend your spare time?

SB: I am a confirmed gadget freak, so I will often be found with the ‘new shiny’. Our two teenage sons keep me and my wife busy most weekends, either freezing on the side of the rugby pitch while supporting our oldest son or being ‘taxi’ for our youngest. 

I’m delighted that we can now return to the cinema for the latest sci-fi blockbusters, and Spotify is my most used phone app.

DJ: I spend most of my spare time playing and watching various sports, mainly cricket and football. I love travelling when I can get the opportunity and have seen many different countries. I am also in the process of renovating a recently acquired house.

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