Mul-T-Lock secures government agency

Locksmiths Guardian Security (South West) has specified Mul-T-Lock products for a security project for a leading government agency.

To bolster security infrastructure, securing valuable assets and sensitive areas for the government agency, Guardian Security chose over 1000 Mul-T-Lock NE/NG padlocks and 100 MTL™300 rim cylinders, all using the MTL™300 platform.

These security solutions have an array of features, strength, and resistance against tampering, making them ideal for safeguarding critical environments.

Sean Monger, managing director of of Guardian Security (South West) said: “The NE/NG range of padlocks from Mul-T-Lock is built strong, utilising patent-protected technology to grant the high-profile government agency exclusive access and enhanced security across its remote site network.

“With the MTL™300 Platform’s patent protection, the NE/NG padlocks and rim cylinders can be seamlessly integrated into existing security systems, providing a comprehensive and unified approach.  The MTL™300 series really ticked all the boxes, being able to provide total safety of their valuable assets and critical infrastructure."

Durable and flexible design

Mul-T-Lock’s NE/NG range of padlocks is capable of functioning with high reliability in all conditions. They provide excellent resistance against physical attacks, together with weather and other environmental conditions that can have an impact on performance, such as corrosion. 

The NE/NG range is CEN Rated from 3 up to 6, and also Sold Secure Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond certified by the Master Locksmith Association. These padlocks also meet EN 12320 standards.

Ian Thresher, Mul-T-Lock UK regional sales manager said: “We worked in partnership with Guardian Southwest to understand the requirements of the agency and ensure security to the highest level for their remote sites and assets. In designing a bespoke solution, we could take into account the safety of their personnel and preserve the integrity of their operations. This led to the choice of MTL™300 to tap into its robust durability and flexible design to integrate with NE/NG padlocks, and remain scalable to grow with the agency’s demands.”

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