New innovation engineer at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions hopes to encourage women of colour into industry

Mariam Tabarik, product innovation engineer at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions

ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions UK & Ireland has bolstered its research and development department with the appointment of Mariam Tabarik as product innovation engineer within the Door Group.

Tabarik began her journey with ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions in 2022 as a research and development Intern. Originally from Pakistan, she had been studying for her master’s degree in Italy, before becoming aware of the internship in Lisburn. 

Tabarik successfully applied, and in a short period she had made such an impression that she was made a full-time Product Innovation Engineer.

Her new role is to push forward with innovation and help bring products to life. She’s involved in the technical aspects of product development, as well as managing logistics, testing, certification, and audits. She is currently working on a number of innovation projects that have the potential to step change the industry in a positive way.

Speaking of her passion for her job, Tabarik said: “One of my greatest strengths is my ability to do extensive research. I will go above and beyond and look at all aspects from every perspective – especially from an engineering point of view.”

“I have a technical mindset and pay attention to the finer details of a project. Because I’m very thorough with the work that I do, you could probably ask me anything about a product that I’m working on, and I’ll be able to give you an in-depth answer that goes much further than the surface information.

“I’m also a bit of a workaholic and I have a thirst for knowledge – I want to prove to myself that I can truly innovate.”

Promoting EDI

As a woman in engineering, Tabarik wants to inspire other women into similar roles within the industry: “Females are in the minority in the manufacturing side of engineering, and I would like to see more representation and better ways to encourage women into these kind of roles.

“If I can be influential in this sense then it would be one of the greatest achievements of my life, as I want to see women – especially women of colour and from my part of the world – get into more male-dominated industries.”

Looking towards her future with Opening Solutions, Tabarik has her eye on eventually becoming one of the first women in a head of innovation role for the business.

“I would love to stay on the technical side of operations and build a profile for myself, while getting new patents and launching innovative products into the market."

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