New lock platform launched for large-scale commercial settings

Security specialist Mul-T-Lock has launched a new patented mechanical platform, presenting premium protection for large-scale commercial environments.

The MTLTM800 features high-level master key system functionality and maximum key copy protection that is patented until 2039. The security platform is ideal for large and complex mastered systems, with the additional capability to provide a variety of keying options.

MTL™800 features a locking bar mechanism that engages with five horizontal finger pins located within the cylinder. This creates an additional security layer, alongside a patented moving element on the key blade’s tip that engages with a unique pin at the rear of the cylinder and our next generation of Mul-T-Lock’s field-proven telescopic pin technology, forming a unique triple locking system.

Set the standard

Claire Blakemore, managing director at Mul-T-Lock said" This is an exciting launch for Mul-T-Lock UK, recognising our incredible commitment and investment into ensuring we continue to set the standard and present advanced products with mutual benefit to our complete customer base.

“MTLTM800 integrates state of the art, patented technology with advanced key copy protection, to ensure we are really providing a solution that can deliver superb features, strong reliability and enhanced security.  All without compromising on the flexible nature of our platforms to meet specific specification requirements.”


The new platform is designed to replace its predecessor the MT5®+ but with Mul-T-Lock’s backward compatibility function, customers are able to secure their facilities with an up-to-date, high security solution, while the new master keys remain compatible with previous products. 

This means locksmiths can assure customers that they can gradually upgrade their existing systems, rather than needing to replace the whole system at once – saving them precious financial resources.  

Blakemore adds: “The unique, patented MTLTM800 platform combines protective elements to create a triple-locking mechanism that enables a superior level of security.  We are determined to ensure that as many customers as possible can benefit from this truly innovative technology.  With this in mind, our customers will be supported with replacement or expansion products throughout and following the transition.”

MLA has been one of the first to install MTL800 at its headquarters in Rugby.  Steffan George, managing director of the MLA states: “We were instantly impressed with the MTL™800 system, with its offering of proven reliability and enhanced protection.  Its flexible design means that it could accommodate the unique requirements of our site.”

Anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-drill and fire resistant, the MTL™800 meets international standards to offer enhanced resistance to all forms of lock manipulation.

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