New statement entrance options from GEZE

GEZE has launched Revo.PRIME  a new premium solution for revolving doors. The new operator boasts an exceptionally low canopy height, narrow profile systems and an improved running performance.  

Providing maximum transparency the Revo.PRIME is designed for for creating statement entrances. With its canopy height of just 75mm which houses the automation it ensures the minimal aesthetic as well as technical functionality. In addition the narrow profiles of just 60mm on the door leaf enable increased transparency creating a light and airy entrance. 

Energy savings

The Revo.PRIME is environmentally friendly: the operator saves up to 30 per cent in energy compared with its predecessor models which is achieved through the drive unit’s reduced power consumption. 

Improved running performance comes from the brushless direct current motor (BLDC) with 1,000 Nm torque. The enlarged diameter of the door system, up to 3,800mm, ensures ease of access and meets the demands of today’s architects and designers.

Available in three or four leaf versions and in a choice of gold, silver and black the Revo.PRIME can be networked to building automation systems via BACnet.

Andy Howland, sales and marketing director of GEZE UK, said: “The Revo.PRIME is an impressive edition to our range of automatic operators and one that is sure to delight architects and specifiers giving them the freedom to design stunning entrances.”   

To find out more about the Revo.PRIME visit the dedicated Revo.PRIME microsite,  see it in action on YouTube or email [email protected].

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