Newstar partners with JNF Architectural Hardware

Pivot sets on heavy duty doors from JNF Architectural Hardware now available through Newstar

Newstar architectural ironmongery has become a lead distributor for JNF Architectural Hardware in the UK and Ireland.

"Our recent partnership with JNF Architectural Hardware has opened doors to a huge range of new and exciting innovative products," says Maria O’Neill at Newstar.

"Its extensive catalogue range covers all areas of architectural ironmongery. Including sectors such as: hardware for wooden & metal doors, glass solutions, sliding door systems, locking systems, and bathroom and sanitary products."

Key among the offer is a range of pivot sets and heavy duty concealed door closers which are able to hold the weight for doors from 40kg to 1000kg, for lengths 3000mm and height 6000mm. "These built in systems are a smart design, with the pivot system hidden inside the door, with only a small base on the floor.

"The cam system combined with hydraulics allows the closing control of large swing doors, while opening them with minimal effort, making them highly recommendable for use in areas used by people with reduced mobility and children," says Newstar.

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