Norseal launches fire-resistant seal for glazing panels

TF130 Glazing gasket

Norseal, in collaboration with Pyroplex, has developed a hatless version of its popular TF130 Glazing Gasket. The TF130 is a solution for 30-minute fire resistant sealing of glazing vision panels in doors and screens.

Many fire doors include a glazing panel: it is a vital safety feature since it allows firefighters or evacuees the opportunity to see what is on the other side of the door before opening it in the event of a fire. The glass in that glazing panel must be certified fire-resistant glass and it should only be installed at the manufacturing stage of the door, as part of a certified glazing system. There must not be any weak points where the door meets the glass if it is to maintain optimum performance in fire conditions. It requires a sealing gasket that will hold the glass firmly in place without failing in the extreme heat – and without allowing the glass to slump too. It also needs to stop heat transfer to the timber, so fire can’t take hold around the edges of the glazing aperture. 

The TF130 Hatless Glazing Gasket is supplied as a self-adhesive graphite-based intumescent strip for quick, waste-free, and safe application in 100m length coils. Norseal holds stocks in brown, white, cream, and black for next day delivery. It is performance fire tested to BS 476-20:22, BS EN 1634-1 and BS EN 1363-1.

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