Norseal launches learning academy

Norseal, supplier of seals and firestopping products, has launched its own Academy. This will offer CPDs, training, and learning resources about acoustics, sealing doors against fire and sound, and how to install a wide variety of acoustic and fire stopping products.

Courses available include how to seal and compartmentalise a building using fire doors;
how to best seal a sliding door or understanding the basics of acoustics. 

Courses have been developed to offer a detailed overview, but bespoke courses tailored  to specific needs can also be delivered online or face-to-face. 

The latest addition to the Norseal Academy portfolio of courses is a 30-minute overview of the importance of insulating doors. Saving and conserving energy  is an important environmental and financial issue and ‘How Insulated Is Your Door?’ explains how seals impact on the environment and energy usage of a building. It explains the different types of seals including internal and external options with examples of their typical application.

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