Norseal launches new air grilles

Norseal is now offering the easy to fit air transfer grilles as part of its specialist range of fire protection products. The Mann McGowan Pyrogrille 100 has been tested in fully operational FD30 and FD60 doors, stud walls and ducts. They are fitted without a hardwood liner making them cost effective and and simple to fit.

The Pyrogrille 100 range from Norseal is Certifire-approved to provide resistance to fire and hot smoke of up to 60 minutes in doors and walls. The door grilles have been tested in fully operational FD30 & FD60 doors to EN1634.1 and BS 476 22.

In everyday operation Pyrogrille Air Transfer Grilles allow free passage of air but in the event of fire the intumescents in the frame and slats expand to many times their size to stop hot and cold smoke and fire. Manufactured by Mann McGowan using high performance intumescent slats spaced 12mm apart, the finished units are a slimline 25mm and 38mm, making them suitable for most applications. Available in sizes up to 600 x 750mm size for doors and 600 x 690mm for walls as standard and Norseal can provide specials in 1mm increments available on request.

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