Portico memorial to pandemic losses features GEZE door hardware

The Remember Me memorial portico at St Paul’s Cathedral is a physical memorial to all those that died as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is home to an online book of remembrance. 

Designed by Caroe Architecture with Connolly Wellingham, the portico is an elliptical structure featuring several GEZE doors. As visitors enter the cathedral they pass through a pair of swing doors powered by GEZE Powerturn automatic swing door operators. These doors were chosen as they can open large or heavy doors and can be used both manually and automatically. Above the doors, etched in to the structure in gold are the words ‘Remembering all who died as a result of the coronavirus pandemic’.  

From the portico the main entrance into the cathedral is through GEZE’s TSA 325 NT, a manual revolving door with four leaves. The revolving door was chosen as it minimises air flow into the cathedral as only one quadrant is open at a time. To ensure access for all a GEZE Slimdrive SCR curved automatic sliding doors were installed opposite the revolving door. Etched in the glass in the doors are phrases such as ‘we will always remember’ and ‘never forget’.

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