Ski lodge upgrades chalk board check in for smart access system

Managing access for is a challenge for any timeshare, holiday home, or ski lodge. Tigh Na Bruaich in Australia felt this problem acutely and needed to upgrade from its old-fashioned chalkboard and key system to a smart, controlled access solution. Codelocks’ CL5510 Smart Lock and API integrated with Tigh Na Bruaich’s booking system now provides time-sensitive access for all their guests. 

Tigh Na Bruaich is an alpine ski lodge located in the foothills of the Kosciuszko National Park, home to Australia’s largest ski resort in the southern hemisphere. The lodge has capacity for 23 adult guests and is open to non-members, who are temporary guests, and members, who are long- term partners and part of the Tigh Na Bruaich lodge community. 

The lodge operated an outdated booking system that caused problems when non-member guests would stay. It required a member to write the booking on a chalkboard in the foyer and to deliver and collect the keys before and after the stay of a non-member guest. This led to burdensome coordination problems and security issues for the lodge if keys were lost or not returned. The lodge needed a solution that: 

  • Integrated with the online booking system
  • Removed the need to deliver/chase after keys 
  • Managed access centrally 

A smart solution 

As well as meeting the lodge’s needs, Codelocks had to offer a solution that was simple and easy to maintain. As a small lodge, Tigh Na Bruaich did not have the time and resources to dedicate to the upkeep of its access control system. 

The solution was to use Codelocks’ CL5510 Smart Lock along with the Codelocks API to fully automate the process and remove the inefficient chalkboard and manual key collection system. Codelocks’ CL5510 Smart Lock uses NetCode® technology, which allows time-sensitive, temporary access codes to be generated for locks. Controlled access can be granted for single and multi-entry, specific for any date and time, and between one hour and one year. CL5510 NetCodes can be generated via the App*, Codelocks Connect Portal or through a custom application thanks to the Codelocks API. The codes can then be sent via SMS** and email to the end users. 

David Lee from Tigh Na Bruaich said: “Codelocks let us access its hosting system to check out its API and do some proof-of-concept development. The API was easy to use and the system was developed and the lock installed and operational within a matter of weeks.” 

Mark Samuelson, general manager of Codelocks Asia Pacific said: “By using the API and our Smart Locks, Tigh Na Bruaich built a system that keeps the lodge safe whether members or non-members visit. Codes can be directly allocated to visitors, and nobody needs to worry about missing keys. All locks in the Codelocks’ Smart Lock range can be managed and opened via a smartphone or through an RFID card. They also feature key override and no-code access periods.” 

Après-ski, après-lock 

Tigh Na Bruaich’s manual system has been replaced by a fully-automated system that integrates a booking with lodge security and building management. When a person (both members and non-members) make a booking, the lodge system pulls down details of the booking and communicates with the Codelocks API and automatically generates a multi-use access code for the period of their stay. The access code is emailed seven days before the booking starts, and again via SMS the day before arrival. Members receive a permanent unique user code which they use each time they book and stay. Access for members is controlled centrally, and new codes can be reissued if required. 

The manual system has been replaced by a screen showing details of rooms and their occupants and the system also turns on the correct level of power required for the number of guests daily. The whole system runs on a couple of Raspberry PIs. David Lee from Tigh Na Bruaich said, “The solution would not be workable without Codelocks’ technology and the clever integration with our booking system using SMS, email and a couple of very clever programmers and system builders from New Millennium Solutions Pty Limited.”

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