Frame Fit from Norse fits the Fire Safety bill

Norseal is launching FrameFit, a gap remediation solution for fire doors and an alternative to total replacement of defective, nominal, and notional fire doors with excessive gaps. The system has been fully and rigorously fire tested, making it brings g non-compliant doors into compliance on the spot.

Even conservative estimates indicate that there are hundreds of thousands of defective fire doors, as well as nominal and notional fire doors in the UK alone that do not currently comply with fire safety standards due to excessive gaps between the leaf and frame. FrameFit offers a cost-effective way to make these doors compliant immediately while a longer-term replacement programme is planned.

FrameFit will remediate larger gaps to leave the door safe and compliant. The system has been fully-tested to all UK and EU standards on all door core types and frame materials, so it is fully compliant to BS 476 Part 22 & BS EN 1634-1, fire retardant up to 60 minutes. The regulations require that the gaps around fire doors must be between 2 and 4mm around the perimeter and 8mm at the bottom of fire doors (3mm for fire and smoke doors).

FrameFit from Norseal is based on preformed fillets of intumescent and charring material, supplied boxed in handy kit form in 5.2m long rolls of 1.5, 3 and 5mm thicknesses to handle any size gaps around and at the bottom of the door. 

Regular fire door inspections are now a legal requirement of Regulatory Reform Order, and, according to the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) 77% of fire doors that failed inspections in 2021 did so because of excessive gaps between the door and the frame. FrameFit from Norseal will provide inspectors, property managers, fire safety contractors, and facilities managers with a fast, effective and compliant way to make fire doors safe immediately when excess gaps are identified. 

FrameFit is available with same day dispatch from Norseal’s large stocks. The strips are manufactured in white but are easily overpaintable with oil-based paints. A high energy version is also available for fire and smoke doors.

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