New door hardware testing facility opens in UK

A new door hardware testing facility has opened in the UK. Northwest Labs is the UK’s newest UKAS-accredited door hardware testing facility. It is offering real-time test data and rapid certification to EN 1154 to expedite product launches.

With sixteen test rigs and advanced Sure-Fire technology, Northwest Labs guarantees instant, real-time test data for door hardware components, delivered directly to a desktop portal. This pioneering approach to testing gives clients instantaneous visual and data insights into the test results, facilitating informed decision-making and product refinement.

A statement about the launch from NorthWest Labs said: "With a manufacturing background, our primary motivation stems from addressing the prevalent challenges manufacturers encounter when bringing their products to market. We recognised the urgent need to overcome the existing hurdles, including the arduous process of booking and initiating tests, lack of clarity and communication throughout the testing phase, and delays in receiving comprehensive reports. We have established a flexible, streamlined, and transparent testing environment, ensuring prompt and efficient services that offer manufacturers more control over their testing programme.”

As a UKAS-accredited laboratory, the facility can conduct annual audits on door hardware and initial product testing. This comprehensive approach ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations.

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