Why access control is as crucial as service and design in a boutique hotel experience

As summer gets underway ABUS shares the value in its wAppLoxx Pro system for boutique hotels

The formula for a boutique hotel, on the surface, seems simple: good interior design, impeccable customer service and great food and drink of course. But, in practicality, it often isn’t that straight forward. Good interior design means nothing if the hotel isn’t fire-safe or secure, and likewise, fluffy pillows won’t compensate for a frustrating customer experience at their hotel door. Everything needs go beyond surface level luxury with everything, down to the smallest detail, focused on giving customers the perfect stay – which is where security hardware and a solid access control system can help bring a boutique hotel to the next level for a number of different reasons.

Crucially, it’s vital for guests to feel safe in your hotel, especially if it is to attract high worth individuals who may have security concerns. A good quality access control system, like our wAppLoxx Pro system is the perfect solution for boutique hotels. These secure, electronic smart cylinders fit into any standard cylinder profile and can be controlled with fob, card or via smartphone though our wAppLoxx app. You can even incorporate a transponder into the head of a mechanical key enabling you to operate both traditional mechanical locks as well as electronic ones.  

Plug and play control system 

Offering comprehensive access management for up to 160 doors and up to 1000 users, and multiple access control mechanisms makes wAppLoxx the perfect plug and play wireless access control system for hotels. Information about the wAppLoxx system status, analytics and any changes that need to be made can be accessed securely in real time via PC, smartphone, or tablet. This allows the building manager to grant or deny access to users across the site and also access rights can be assigned for specific periods of time so that staff coming in at different times can still have access to all of the places they need, without compromising on security. 

Because a wAppLoxx system can be operated by smartphone, it saves time both for guests and staff with future proof operation, offering an opportunity to save costs on work hours and move towards a staffless operation if that is part of the hotel plan, without compromising on security. 

Integrates security system

The ABUS wAppLoxx system can communicate seamlessly with ABUS security, surveillance, and alarm systems to provide a fully integrated security system. And because the central hub updates every thirty minutes any changes required by lost keys, security breaches or changes in staff can me made immediately in real time by reprogramming fobs online, remotely instead of having to issue new keys or change cylinders across the board. wAppLoxx can be used on any door since the locks are available in double knob cylinders (one-sided and double-sided), half cylinders, electronic padlocks and wall reader making it possible to control electronic door, high traffic doors and automated gates, electric strikes, lifts, barriers, and turnstiles, with 50,000 cycles before the batteries need changing.

So, locks are no longer just a piece of hardware. They can be intelligent devices to remodel a hotel’s operation and improve guest experience.

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